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Welcome our two new Staff members

Hello everyone! I would like to announce that @VarietyGaming as a Developer and Admin position and Brockbreacher as a Developer are now part of the Staff of Terabyte Gaming Network. Please welcome them, via on the forums or on Discord. They have been truely great help...

Skyblock done, onto another server!

Well, Skyblock server for Minecraft is pretty much done (Other than a couple of tweaks to the shop). As for the Prison server on Minecraft, @Tekagis is working on it and also done as well. He just needs to work out a couple of things and that should be done as well,...

"Alright, alright alright" as once Matthew McConaughey said

Alright, so there is quite of bit of updates and changes done to and with Skyblock and Prison server (Was originally OP Prison, but was changed to just Prison). There have been so many changes! Well, more of the backend of the server stuff. I will try to list some...

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