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Discussion in 'Media Promotion' started by DeadIntermediate, May 20, 2017.

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    Hey everyone, decided to add this section for self-promoting for all of Terabyte Gaming Network community members. There is a list of Media Services of which you are ALLOWED to promote yourself in

    Allowed Media Services
    • Twitch
    • YouTube

    Promoting Format

    YouTube Format Example

    Channel Name: Dead Intermediate

    YouTube Link:

    How often do you upload?
    I upload at least once month, but lately, I have been streaming and that happens at least twice a week.

    Subscriber Amount: 192

    Total Views: 56,766

    YouTube Channel Content: Game Play, Tutorials, Reviews & Blogs

    Why should we view your channel?
    I live stream game play of games of whatever I feel like playing, or get asked to play. I as well, interact with the viewers. I may not talk or talk little, thar's because I want to more focus on the game, so not just I, but the views can hear more of the game play and the story. For my Tutotials, I do a wide range of tutorials. this includes, Minecraft Plugins, Xenforo Addons, Minecraft Server setup, etc,. For my blogs, I will talk about what is going on with my life, so you know what going on besides what game, or tutorial I am posting, get to know me, how I look like, how I feel. Pretty much get to know me. I could be entertaing for you, or I could be boring, depends on your style.
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