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Hello everyone,

So it's been a while, so I decided to post here on the forums since you know, been paying for it, so why not use it more? Below is going to be a list of changes along with the details, so it'll be a better understanding.

Moderation Changes
  • Changed Verification Level to Low
    This means that the discord user must be verified with an e-mail with their discord account. This is so we don't get random people to join the server and start spamming like crazy! fkljghsadflaksdjfahsdf!TACOS
  • Prune Members on July 1st of 2017
    There is a total of 89 members on the Discord Server, as I checked at 2:42 AM on the date of 6/26/2017, and there are quite a few inactive members on the Discord Server, so might at well, clear and clean up all those slot takers. Hehe, your gone, and you, and him, her, differently that person.
Sorry everyone,

Due to technical issues with the VPS, I had to idea what happened, there was issues with logging onto the forums. I have looked for solutions, but I couldn't find the answer to the problem, so I decided, again, to start from scratch.

So all of you, going to have to register, *sigh* again.

Well, I will try to work more of the forums, and I'll get if we can get more plugins for the forums, so we can have fun on here.